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Precut Window Tint
Let Nusolis precut the shapes of your windows onto our own tint film for a fraction of what other shops would be able to do this. You will be amazed by how exact all of our pre cut tint is in comparison to your windows. Most customers are able to complete their precut window tint project in 1-2 hours!

Applying Clear Bras
We receive many questions on how easy or hard it is to apply a clear bra, and as with any DIY project it takes some skill and patience for your project to come out great. We have sold so many clear bras and we have seen so many repeat customers, that we know a majority of you guys are doing a great job with them. Keep up the great work and as always send us your pics once your project is done. We love to see your car's clear bra and we hope to have a section on nusolis.com soon to post pictures.

Why Choose Nusolis Clear Bras
So you are thinking about getting a fancy $1,000.00 clear bra to protect your front bumper and hood. Why would you spend so much money to apply a thick clear film to protect your paint's finish? Oh because it is guaranteed for life! However, you will only keep your car for 2-5 years, so why spend the extra money? Get our line of Nusolis clear bra film which is time tested to last 2-5 years and you keep the change.. Most of our customers come back to us when they get a new vehicle and then they decide to reapply a new clear bra. Click on this link to see our line of Mega Kits, which includes Bumper, Hood, Fenders, Side Mirrors, Rear Trunk, and Pillars.