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Clear Bra Instructions




Before the Installation: 


You will need the following: Spray bottle, Shampoo solution, Soft squeegee, Lint free towel, and/or: Heat gun, Hair dryer, or Steamer

The clear film must be installed in 75 degree temperature, with minimal moisture in the air, and as little wind as possible. Do not install clear film in fridgid temperatures or when raining or wet.

Wash your hands from all dirt and oils.

Visualize where each clear film piece will go on your vehicle.

Wash the area of your vehicle where the clear film will be installed. (Be careful not to get the liner on your kit wet because this will cause the clear film's adhesive to adhere to the liner.)

Waxing your paint's finish at this step will make removal of the film easier down the road when you are ready to remove it and will also further protect your paint's finish.

Make sure you evenly buff out the wax and no residue is left behind. Polishes, abrasives, compounds, and clay bars should not be used at this time as this may harm your paint's finish after the film is installed. Use a lint free towel to dry your vehicle and your hands.

Mix 99.5% water and 0.5% shampoo or hand soap in a spray bottle. This works out to about 2 or 3 drops of solution in the spray bottle. Additional shampoo will not help the installation but may make the solution too acidic and possibly cause problems for your paint in the future.

Make sure the shampoo does not have any tints or fragrances in it. Try to use baby shampoo if possible.


Installing the Clear Film:


Spray the water solution onto the area of your vehicle where this kit will be installed.

Spray the water onto your hands so your fingers do not disturb the adhesive on the kit.

Peel off an individual piece from your kit, spray the adhesive side and position it down onto your vehicle, which is already wet from your solution. TIP: It is better to have a helper remove larger pieces such as hood and bumper pieces. Be careful not to allow the film to fold over because the adhesive will stick to itself.

Once placed on the vehicle the film should be able to move freely into perfect postion on your vehicle. If any areas feel like they are sticking to your car, just peel off the edge and spray underneath.

Now spray your solution over the clear film so the solution will act as a lubricant when you squeegee out the bubbles. Gently use your fingers to get any big bubbles out.

When you are comfortable with the way the film is sitting on your vehicle, prepare your soft squeegee (Do not use hard plastic squeegees because this will scratch the film, use soft rubber squeegees or felt squeegees)

When working out the bubbles, always start in the middle and press hard enough to pull all the water and moisture out.

Squeegee from the center of the clear film and work your way out to the edges.

Pull all bubbles out with your squeegee, work slowly, and pay attention to not scratch the surface of the film (Use plenty of water solution on the surface for lubrication while using your squeegee.)

Remember for the clear film to adhere SAFELY you must remove ALL the water between your paint's finish and the adhesive side of the clear film.

Any water, moisture, haze, or cloudiness that is left between the film and your paint may result in paint damage.

Once all of the water and bubbles have been removed you may notice some "bubbles" reappearing. These bubbles will need to be pressed down and pulled out with your squeegee. If bubbles keep reappearing, you may want to use a heat source such as a hair dryer or heat gun. Be careful not to burn your paint's finish, the clear film, or yourself.

If the clear film appears to be slightly smaller than the vehicle's part, use a heat gun or hair dryer to stretch the clear film. This will allow the film to better mold around the contours. Some contours may be difficult to mold to and will require added heat and molding. A helper will make this job a lot easier. DO NOT allow creases to occur because the film will stick to itself and cause damage.


Right After Installation:


Once installation is complete allow the clear film to dry, this usually takes a few hours in warmer temperatures but may take up to 24 hours.

Inspect your installation carefully and correct any unfinished areas. Use your best judgement on the installation and if you do not feel comfortable with the end result you may try again or remove the clear film and contact us. Be very certain that there is NO moisture trapped between the clear film and your paint as this may damage your paint. If it does not look right it is probably not right!

Before you drive your vehicle make sure the clear film is fully dry or it may blow off and cause a dangerous situation for you and others. If any bubbles do come up you may try to repress them or use a heat source again.

Your kit is now ready for the elements.


Maintaining and Removal of Film:


The clear film should be gently washed along with your vehicle with mild soap and no other chemicals should be used. It is safe for you to go through a car wash.

Regular inspection should be performed to make sure there is no debris, dirt, dust, or moisture trapped between the film and your paint especially around the edges where it is most likely to occur. If these contaminants are visually seen the clear film must be removed.

If you see any corners or edges that are starting to peel, curl, or crack the film must be removed.

If there is any discoloration, fading, or cracking of the film, the film must be removed.

To remove the film, gently start in one corner by peeling it off slowly. If the film is hard to remove you may try adding some heat to soften it up. If you waxed your vehicle before installing the film it will be much easier to peel off now.

Any residue that may be left behind should be polished off and the wax should be applied.


Warranties, Guarantees, Terms and Conditions:


By purchasing this item you agree to all terms and conditions implied or stated. Every clear bra kit is custom made to fit your vehicle and will arrive to you in new condition. The clear bra kit will fit the exact make, model, and year as stated in the title and it will arrive to you free of blemishes, wrinkles, or visual imperfections. There are no guarantees expressed or implied on the installation of this do it yourself item. By purchasing this item you agree to use this product in a proper and safe manner and properly inspect the product before driving in your vehicle. There are no warranties expressed or implied for your paints finish. By not properly following directions you may cause damage to your paint. Clear bra effectiveness will vary depending on level of installation, weather, temperature, and factors beyond our control. It is not recommended to use this product on any type of plastic, PE, or vinyl surface or for over 1 year on any hard coated painted surface. In an unlikely event that your clear bra kit yellows, cracks, or peels up to 1 year from date of purchase we will exchange the item for a new item. Replacement items must be returned at your expense with proof of purchase and shipping back to you will be your responsibility as well.