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Tint Instructions


1. Locate the shape of your window on the tint sheet and then carefully peel off the excess material. Start at the "score" line and pull away from shape of your windows.

2. With all excess material removed, visualize where each window tint piece goes on your vehicle. Please keep in mind that if there is excess material it is to be tucked in underneath your rubber seals. If you feel that the window film may need a little trimming now would be the time to do any modifications.

3. Clean all windows on the inside with a very mild solution of soap and water. Do not use any chemicals through the whole installation process.

4. Spray a solution of 99% water and 1% soap onto the inside of your windows.

5. Using 2 pieces of small tape, stick one piece of tape on each side of the tint's corner and then slowly pull the 2 sides apart. This will pull the actual tint film off of the liner and will also expose the adhesive side of the tint. Please remember to remove the small piece of tape from the tint.

6. Spray the same water and soap solution to the adhesive side of the window tint.

7. With the wet adhesive side of the window tint, apply it towards the wet inside of your window.

8. Slide the shape of the tint into position on your window. Remember all excess material is to be tucked under the rubber seal.

9. Now generously spray the top side of the window film. This will lubricate the window film while you squeegee out the water in the next step.

10. Starting in the middle of the film carefully squeegee out the water and bubbles using a soft squeegee. Be careful not to scratch or damage the film during this step. You may want to respray your solution in between squeegee passes to fully lubricate the window tint.

11. If you notice any bubbles forming, respray the top side of the film for lubrication and squeegee out the bubbles.

12. Allow tint to dry for 48 hours before rolling the windows up or down.

Tip: If your rear window has a hard contour you may try to cut the rear window into manageable horizontal strips. Then start by applying the top strip first and work your way down to the last bottom strip